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Technology moves at lighting pace. It intrigues and inspires us, and never stops evolving as we embrace new ground in a constant cycle of innovation. 

If you’re lucky enough to explore emerging technologies every day for work, you’re likely knee-deep in the latest and greatest the tech world has to offer. But if you’re determined enough to turn these discoveries into your own solutions — solutions that change the game for everyone — there’s really only one rule to follow: “Rip up the rulebook!” 

It’s a guiding principle of Jordan Mazurke, Mobile Community Lead at Cognizant, and the results he’s delivering with our Mobile Engineering team speak for themselves! 

Thinkers, doers and innovators

At Cognizant, our Mobile Engineering team is tasked with delivering mobile applications for businesses to turn their customer experiences around. Their work is a continuous exploration of the latest trends and innovations and how they can use these to fix, revolutionise and build ever-improving solutions for our clients. 

Senior Analyst Engineer, Shweta Verma, works mainly in iOS development for a major national bank. She’s immersed in exciting technologies such as Swift, Objective C, React-native, Cocos2d-x, Java, C, C++  and Appium, to name a few — and uses her skill to define goals and objectives for her team and to design architecture. 

Shweta code-reviews, debugs, problem-solves and solution-designs. She also mentors junior developers. “I prototype solutions quickly, research new technologies and build advanced and complex applications for the mobile platform.” She says she’s constantly inspired by our collaborative environment as she interacts with members from other teams, with different levels of technical expertise, for her various projects. 

Daniel Wilmott, who heads up the Go-to-Market and Commercial function for Cognizant's Digital Experience practice, is responsible for the overall growth of the practice. “I work in partnership with one of the Big 4 Banks to redevelop their mobile app experience, leveraging new data sources to improve the in-app messaging and notification capabilities.”

It’s rewarding work, where results are tangible and the thrill of realising objectives never gets old. “Within one week of launching the new capabilities for a recent app project, our client had successfully sent over one million push notifications!” 

For Deepti Kakkar Wadhwa, an Delivery Lead in the practice, taking care of the project delivery for some of our most prominent clients is a source of enormous pride. She’s been with Cognizant for nine years and still finds new fulfillment and motivation in her work here every day. “I am very proud to be part of a team that is helping our clients to grow and shine the way they are in the market today.”

As for Jordan Muzarke, it’s making sure that each and every member of the team receives the support and assistance they need to achieve success at Cognizant, that drives him. “My role takes many forms, including creating platforms for sharing knowledge, helping to define learning pathways and ensuring that the stellar work they perform everyday is publicised across the wider business.”

Supporting each other and growing careers 

A team is only as strong as the people who form it. Sharing successes and propelling each other forwards is a key force behind our growth and achievements at Cognizant, and each team embodies the supportive culture our company is built on. 

“The key theme throughout our digital experience team is ‘support’, explains Jordan. “Whether through traditional mechanisms of line management and catch-ups, or through modern means of collaboration and knowledge sharing, we live by the ethos of supporting each other.”

He further elaborates: “In a team that is laser focused on delivering success for our range of clients, it is our network of support that provides the solid foundations upon which our team can build.”

“I’ve had so much support since I joined Cognizant”, says Shweta. “The people here are very supportive, from the hiring manager who gave me the job, to our leadership.”

At Cognizant, we’re also conscious of creating an environment that individuals can truly develop their careers in, where it’s not just about the outcomes you deliver for our business, but the career outcomes you deliver for yourself.  

“I really appreciate that there are proper learning growth plans for each employee, like the Udemy program that gives you access to whatever certifications you need to enhance your career”, Shweta says.  “I also have a one-on-one with a people leader every month, who helps me to form direction for my career path.”

“Just as importantly, there is a lot of support for our wellbeing too, particularly throughout the COVID-19 situation. We have had a lot of stress management and happiness training provided during the pandemic.”

Deepti tells us about her journey with us. “I started as a performance tester, then soon scaled up as an independent performance architect in the team. As my interest in the field grew, I moved into a role of a Subject Matter expert, which slowly transitioned into a Technical Business Analyst role. 
She goes on - “My potential in the organisation was recognized at each and every level and I progressed to Delivery Manager and the outcome owner thereafter, for various projects.”

“Recently I became a top 10 finalist in the ‘Shining Star’ category at the Australian ICT ARN Women Achievers Awards — and trust me, all of the above has been made possible due to the exposure and opportunities I have had at Cognizant.” 

Working at the apex of technology

As Jordan says, “Mobile Engineering and emerging technologies are synonymous — the very nature of the mobile ecosystem means that each year new technologies are unveiled and adopted at rapid speed.

This means that our mobile engineers have to operate at the very apex of emerging technologies and embrace the pace at which they are thrust upon us. 

Recently, there have been many great additions to the mobile space, particularly from a consumer perspective. Such innovations are our lifeblood at Cognizant — one example that’s promising to light up customer experiences more than ever, is the creation of user interfaces and experiences through new declarative interfaces. 

And it’s that real-life impact of what we do that makes our jobs so incredibly exciting.” 

Seeing our work brought to life

“Cognizant gave me the opportunity to work with a Big 4 Bank, whose users-base is really large”, says Shweta. “I am so happy that my work is helping so many people, providing great banking solutions that genuinely improve their lives.”

“I was fortunate enough to lead an engagement which was responsible for, not only technical solutions, but also discovering new ways of working”, Jordan tells us. “Leading a team of Cognizant engineers with creative freedom was inspirational. Software Engineering can, at times, be considered formulaic, but this project showed that you are only restricted by the confines in which you place yourself.”

“Every single member of the team contributed to an incredibly successful outcome”, he continues, “and the blueprint of this success is now being re-used to great effect.” 

Deepti recently led a Compliance project guarded with tough APRA timelines, for a leading bank. It’s an application that standardises the Statement of Position (SOP) per customer, a foundation of Open Banking.

The project had challenging timelines. If the expected ‘Go Live’ dates were missed, there could have been heavy penalties for the bank. However, by maintaining a cohesive team culture and keeping team morale high (despite some long working hours), Deepti led the team to a successful, on-time delivery. 

“I took ownership of delivering outcomes within stipulated timelines. With proactive management of an agile board, an outcome-based daily standup, delegation of accountability to team members and being transparent with my stakeholders, I was able to steer us to the right outcome. 

The end result? A significant impact and reduction in banking fraud! 


Limits? Just the ones you place on yourself

To break boundaries and create new ones, you have to be given the space to try. We encourage people to dive into the depths of possibility and their creative minds, to never let themselves be limited by what has come before. Because after all, isn’t that the purpose of technology? 

Says Jordan, “Delivering success and benefits does not have to be limited to the constraints of what has always been the norm in the past. By stepping outside of comfort zones and, in some instances, 'ripping up the rulebook', you create an environment where innovation and progress happens very quickly.”

“By allowing the more creative elements of our personalities to shine through, we can create solutions to long-suffered problems. I’m hoping that this can be replicated across many different fields.”

Cognizant is full of skilled, passionate and dedicated employees, but while having knowledge and expertise is one thing, being able to develop those skills into a thriving career is another. We take immense pleasure in giving our people the tools to take their talents to the next level and we’ve witnessed many exceptional career evolutions based on our support. 

Perhaps Deepti can put it best for us though: “As I say, I did already fly, but it was my leadership here at Cognizant that gave me the wind beneath my wings!”

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