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Cognizant unveils Shakti to advance women leadership in technology:

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Cognizant launches Synapse initiative:

This new initiative aims to improve the lives of workers around the world, training one million individuals for gainful employment by 2026.

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How to Create a Job Description that Converts

Our vision is to rid the world of needless job descriptions by helping businesses recruit their soul mate every time they have a job available. We want to help drive the world economy by making businesses more effective, filling them with people who…

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Working in the USA

To work in the USA, you are required to have a permit to live and work in the USA, or in other words, you must have a Green Card or a valid work visa. With either of these, the doors of the American job market are open to you.

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A Career in Marketing

Marketing is one of the most popular career destinations for newly qualified graduates... It is easy to see why. Marketers are the people who make us "Just do it", entice us to get the "London look" and "Turn it to 30°".

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Some Amazing News

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