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We're In This Together

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We are living through deeply uncertain times.

With new reports on unemployment numbers and government restrictions coming out on an almost daily basis, it’s hard to know where to turn.

We know that there is a great deal of uncertainty, that many reqs are being delayed or cancelled, and that, despite this, companies need to be ready to go when the situation changes. In this time of crisis, Beamery has deployed a program to make sure that every Beamery customer has access to the right set of tools to adapt and respond effectively to the situation.

To help our customers respond to this, we’re announcing our #customerlove initiative. It includes the following:

  1. We will be partnering with customers to provide complimentary access to functionality for the rest of 2020 that will allow them to adapt effectively to a remote reality, as well as pipeline and nurture the candidates that they’ll need to have engaged when they’re ready to hire again. This includes access to Beamery Convert, a set of products that helps our customers build talent communities and nurture candidates for future hiring.
  2. We’re also re-prioritizing our product roadmap to deliver the products that will have the greatest impact in our new virtual recruiting reality. We will also be accelerating the development of new products that will help you adapt further to the situation at hand, including remote and virtual event management, as well as deeper reporting around talent pipeline quality. These too will be provided free of charge for 2020.
  3. We’ll also be making additional eLearning and instructor-led training available to ensure that companies get the most out of these products, and running a series of Beamery-facilitated discussions and fireside chats on key topics to help leaders adapt to our new reality.

Today, I’m asking our customers, partners and friends to help us accelerate the fight against COVID-19 by recommending a non-profit, foundation, or social enterprise on the frontlines of the relief effort whom we can help free of charge.

We know this isn’t a silver bullet, but we believe that it will go some way towards helping our customers and the critical teams on the frontlines navigate these uncharted waters.

If you're interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact

Stay safe.

John Doe

Senior data scientist

New York

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