Cognizant Interactive Create meaningful creative and dynamic content working with professionals in the heart of Philadelphia. Combine your design and marketing skill for interactive solutions and join the team!
Pharmaceutical Content Strategist​
The content writer/strategist will oversee content requirements and create content strategy for deliverables across the project life cycle.

Post Production Creative Lead
Join the team to lead motion graphics and video editing production. Drive video deliverables through all phases of production and assure branding requirements are met.​​
Do you have the skill to execute advertising strategy and think visually? Assist with research, references, and annotation to implement copy changes and procedures. 
Senior UX Designer
​​​​You'll create multi-channel strategies across the digital, mobile and social marketing environment in this exciting career opportunity.

Interactive Art Director
Work with us in a culture defined by outgoing, collaborative innovators who truly enjoy the people they work with and the projects they bring to life.

Graphic Design/Marketing Analyst
Combine design andmarketing along with operational support for print and web design. Assist with global events and identify strategic opportunities.

Associate Director Interactive Strategy Life Sciences
Develop marketing strategy and strategic plans for Life Sciences brand teams by creating multi-channel strategies across the digital, mobile and social marketing environment.
Senior Manager Interactive Strategy Life Sciences
Lead strategy and innovation around evolving marketing, sales and technology channels. Foster teamwork that rewards creativity and big ideas.

Senior Designer
Requires an understanding of how marketing campaigns evolve. The position requires the knowledge and flexibility to design for a variety of marketing campaigns.

Interactive Designer

For the designer able to work in a fast-paced environment, who is current on trends, techniques, and technologies--help drive cutting-edge healthcare creative solutions.​​​​​​​