What is the best way to find job openings at Cognizant and to apply for a job?

If you want to be part of our great team of professionals, you can search by job category, location, industry, and more. You can also find information about the opportunities for students, professionals and executives.

Can I apply to more than one job at a time?

Yes, you can. Cognizant believes that each individual has multiple qualities and skills that can make a difference for our customers. You therefore have the flexibility to apply for multiple job openings for which you think you have the right qualities to be able to fulfill them successfully.

Can I apply for a job in multiple locations?

Yes, you can. Cognizant is an international company that serves customers through a global delivery model. So if you comply with the local legal requirements, you can apply for positions in various regions without any problems.

What happens once I have submitted my resume?

  • The recruitment team evaluates the submitted resumes and contacts applicants on the shortlist for further evaluation.
  • Applicants for technical positions undergo technically oriented interviews with experts. Applicants may be invited to perform a written or online test during the assessment.
  • Before any offer is made, an independent agency carries out a detailed check on the education and personal background of potential applicants.

What if I don't immediately find something?

You can upload your resume by signing up for the Cognizant Talent Community. You will then be sent a message if a position becomes available that you may be interested in.

How am I evaluated for a job at Cognizant?

To ensure that we find the best applicant for each open job, we use a rigorous evaluation process during recruitment. Our team of recruiters will assess your application to determine the extent to which your references match the requirements of the job. In the event of a good match, a recruiter will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Does Cognizant perform background checks?

Yes, we carry out a thorough background check with regard to education, previous positions, and references. We also check whether applicants have a criminal record. For some functions, we also check credit history. You will be informed if a verification of your credit history is required. In addition, some applicants may have to undergo a drug test.

Does Cognizant provide sponsorship of employees?

Cognizant can offer sponsorship depending on the role. Those who qualify can then obtain an H-1B Visa from Cognizant

Which formalities do I have to comply with in order to be able to work at Cognizant?

To complete the formalities you must confirm the acceptance of our offer so that we can start your on-boarding process. Depending on your location, you may be required to provide relevant documentation prior to on-boarding. If you work with a recruiter, you can obtain additional information by contacting the person who has assisted you in the recruitment process.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the on-boarding process at Cognizant?

If you have any questions about on-boarding, please contact the person who has assisted you during the process.

What opportunities for training and development will be offered to me once I am employed?

Cognizant encourages training and development so that you can continue to grow. We provide a broad range of learning and development programs to improve your skills and abilities and equip you to deal with a wide variety of business challenges. These programs include:
  • Specialized training programs for the integration of all employees in our dynamic business environment.
  • Targeted online courses with internal and external certification in which, with the help of instructors, you develop your knowledge of domains, technology and soft skills.
  • Programs for the development of leadership skills to create successful market leaders.

How can I continue to grow as a professional at Cognizant?

We celebrate the success of our staff and promote personal and professional growth by means of:
  • Well-structured programs for function optimization
  • Career planning
  • Opportunity to take part in training or to achieve industry certifications in support of career growth
  • Opportunity to apply for specific positions within Cognizant

If I have worked at Cognizant in the past and now want to do so again, how can I re-apply?

If there is a job opening that matches your interests and skills, you can apply again. The process is the same, regardless of whether you have previously worked at Cognizant. You can search for job openings and apply or subscribe to a talent community to upload your resume.

Where can I find LCA notifications?

LCA notifications can be found Here