Relaunch your career with Cognizant

At Cognizant, we value diverse perspectives and are committed to creating inclusive workspaces, strengthening our ability to take on the challenges of an increasingly competitive digital world.

The decision to re-enter the workforce after an extended career break can be both exciting and challenging. We believe a pause in your career to pursue other important life callings helps you emerge not only stronger, but raring to go.

Transition back into the workforce through the Cognizant® Returnship Program, a 12-week paid experience for talented technology professionals 

•    With a minimum of 5 years of prior professional working experience 
•    With at least 2 years of a career break 

Update your skills in a supportive work environment, get involved with real-time projects and work with cutting edge tools and technology. You’ll be considered for a position with Cognizant at the conclusion of the program. The exact technical requirements will vary with the job roles under consideration and will be subject to the business needs, from time to time.

Power your confidence and your next big step.
Join us in engineering modern businesses to improve everyday life.




Cory Chigbrow,
Digital Engineering returner 

I find consulting a really exciting space to be in and I was excited when Cognizant reached out to me in Singapore, where I was based at the time, and asked me to take on a role within their Australian business. 

I am now working with some fantastic Australian clients, in a global company, in a country that has proven so welcoming and full of immense opportunity for my family and I. After 12 years in Singapore, it has been quite a cultural adjustment for us to get used to a lifestyle that is so different to what we were used to in Asia – house / car, different shopping times – not to mention the accent! However, Cognizant has been incredibly supportive, and it’s made a very big difference. I am loving the change now. 

As a job, consulting offers a lot of variety and it’s a field that’s full of opportunity. I have been a consultant for most of my career and worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, and across a range of industries. I’ve been exposed to banking, finance and investment, mining and resources and a number of government organisations – all great experiences that have provided me with a strong and powerful network spanning multiple domains.


Swapna Koganti,
Digital Engineering returner 

We are a nuclear family. I took a break from work to look after my newborn daughter. As she is now six years-old, I made the decision to return to the technology industry.

I was happy to be selected for the inaugural cohort of the Cognizant Returnship Program. Along with 11 other talented individuals, we began roles in the Digital Engineering practice earlier this year.

On day one, I was very enthusiastic and very nervous at the same time. I was afraid of unknown – of what changes had happened in technology and what new processes there would be. Cognizant gave me a very good launch-pad to return with confidence with well-planned training, role shadowing and extended support from a mentor, buddy and HR at every step.

At the conclusion of the program, I was offered a full-time role, which I feel equipped and confident to do successfully. I am very proud and hope that many more talented and experienced individuals are able to benefit from this program globally.

Maryam Saffari,
Digital Engineering returner 

As a working mom, I had this unrealistic expectation that I should be able to do everything perfectly – a successful and fulfilling high tech career, raising a happy family and taking care of my elderly parents. 

I eventually conceded. With over 12 years of experience leading software engineering projects at Oracle, I took a break to raise a family initially and continued the break in order to take care of a parent who had a terminal illness.

Coming out of an 18-year break, I was beyond ready to go back to work. There was a strong feeling within me that I had more to give and that I could make a positive impact on the world that was greater than what I was able to do by being a caregiver.

In researching Cognizant, I knew I would get exposed to latest technology. Even more importantly, through the interview process, I felt that every person respected me, my ability, my experience, my enthusiasm and mostly my choice of taking a break for my family.

Cognizant’s training and the people working here are its best assets. The guidance I have received at every step has helped me do my best work. Additionally, the comradery and collaboration I am experiencing within my cohort has been one of the best parts of this experience. It is such a pleasure to work with like-minded and very smart people.