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AALG is dedicated to the interests of Cognizant employees who identify as Black, African, African-American, Latino or Hispanic. The group fosters the success of its members through programming and initiatives that promote career development, mentoring, recruitment and retention, and community building.
At Cognizant, we believe that our differences should be celebrated and that an inclusive culture inspires creativity and innovation. Embrace attracts, supports, respects and retains talented lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transgender professionals. Embrace is committed to creating an environment where all people can develop and grow to their full potential.
Employees who deliver results through collaboration and fresh ideas.
​​​​​Global Unite provides a community and resources for associates with disabilities, caregivers, and their allies.  Unite leverages Cognizant’s membership with the National Organization on Disability (NOD), which is focused on building a world where all people with disabilities enjoy full opportunity for employment, enterprise, and earnings, and employers know how to make the most of the talents of those with disabilities.
Global Women Empowered, or WE, elevates the experience of work for women and creates impact for the business. The group is committed to recruiting more women to positions at all levels throughout Cognizant, providing career growth and leadership development opportunities, and building a strong female-led community within the technology industry. The group is an important resource for women within Cognizant, offering mentoring and development resources, and is a key talent pool for all Cognizant lines of business and our clients.
Our employees deliver results
The Pan-Asian Group seeks to bring awareness of diversity by fostering career growth for minorities.  This group  shares resources and strategies for personal and professional development within Cognizant and with clients.  This group aims to create a safe and open environment for current and future employees to connect with one another and bridge connections amongst a diverse.
Our employees deliver results
The Millennial Council brings together a select group of high-performing, young professionals to generate new perspectives, insights and action-driven strategies focused on internal and business-related issues.  The council’s mission is to foster collaboration and provide seamless integration between thought leaders and decision makers across generations.  
Our employees deliver results
Driven by Cognizant’s strong support of and commitment to veterans, the Cognizant Veterans Network (CVN) supports, develops and promotes the unmatched skills and experiences that veterans bring to Cognizant. The CVN are ambassadors to Cognizant’s recruiting process, assisting in attracting and retaining key talent, and creating a community of peers who understand the transition to the private sector and support veterans joining Cognizant.

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