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I joined Cognizant in 2017, and I started to work as a level 1 Service Desk Agent. I became successful in this role, and after one year, I was selected as a deputy team leader. After another half year as a deputy team lead, I was promoted to team leader. I am working in this position for more than two years, and I am sure this is not the end of my journey here. My main goal for the future is to keep improving my team, my colleagues - also myself - and fulfill the business needs at the possible highest level. Szaffi Szűcs Team Leader
I joined Cognizant’s IT Service Desk Team in March 2020 from the cruise ships’ hospitality industries when it was foreseen that stricter restrictions would be applied to travel. I have learned quickly and swiftly adapted to home office work. Each phone call was an interesting and exciting challenge to solve. My efforts have rewarded me with promotion after a year from my joining date. I am leading my excellent team of eleven agents now. Endre Tornyi Team Lead
I am a 9-year-old veteran at Cognizant. :) I climbed up from the bottom to the top of the corporate ladder: I started as an L1 agent and also tried myself out as an L2 agent, deputy team lead, team lead, but my challenging years are far from over yet – I have great aspirations and would like to achieve more and more goals I set for myself.
Currently, I`m working as a Senior Lead, Transition Lead, Chatbot Machine Coach, and managing the daily life of a new project – everything that makes the client satisfied and motivates the team members.
However, the accomplishment I`m most proud of is that we successfully went live with a new project 100% from home office last year.
Katalin Forgács Senior Lead
Sarolta Bodnár
How is life at Cognizant? Fun, challenging, rewarding! Although I did not start my IT career here, Cognizant helped me grow and improve. With the help of great mentors and many internal learning opportunities, I was selected as an Operations Manager in February 2021 to onboard a new client. My goal is to reach the highest client satisfaction by providing excellent support with my team together.
Sarolta Bodnár Operations Manager
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Diversity and inclusion

Cognizant embraces diversity. We believe that this has a positive impact. Our goal is to involve everyone and to appreciate and respect every individual and every background.

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