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Rūta Šileikytė, Senior Process Excecutive 

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Jūratė Čėsnė
Is it possible to learn a language in 5 months from zero to fluency? Is it possible to be taught a Scandinavian language in such a short period? Cognizant Language Academy in Vilnius says: „Yes, we‘ve been doing just that for almost 15 years!”.
We are a team of 10 dedicated and experienced language teachers who run Danish, Norwegian and Swedish language training for Cognizant employees. Intensive language training in our Academy is both interesting and exclusive: a group of 14 people studies a Scandinavian language 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 5,5 months in length. They usually start with zero language knowledge and complete the training by being able to read, listen, understand and communicate fluently with native speakers. Learning a language is always fun, although you have to work hard. 
By learning one Scandinavian language you can always get a triple benefit, as you will be able to understand other Scandinavian languages as well. 
Jūratė Čėsnė Language Trainers Lead | Language Academy
We deliver business process outsourcing services to one of the biggest Scandinavian insurance companies. We are supporting our client for over 5 years now and are proud of what we have achieved through the years. Our provided services range from simple administration tasks (like updating insurance policy data, archiving and delegating incoming communication, and preparing sales material to support various client teams) to complex tasks which require domain (insurance), language, and cultural knowledge. Such tasks include insurance claim resolution, deciding claim payouts, and complex client problem-solving through e-mail communication.
Most of us speak the client’s native language and communicate with them (and their clients) without any language barrier. This helps us in building good relations and trust which means we get to do more interesting work for our clients.
We do not like mundane and repetitive tasks and therefore we also help ourselves and our clients to automate a lot of them. This means, if you ever get bored with your work, you can move to roles such as process improvement specialist, robotic process automation developer, and similar.
Liudvikas Mikalauskas Delivery Lead
We are a department of 80 curious and skilled specialists working for one of the biggest Denmark’s insurance companies. We help our clients with various insurance and pension products by providing timely and innovative business solutions as well as accurate and fast delivery. Our provided services range from simple administrative tasks to complex tasks which require domain knowledge.
We are proud of having the freedom to challenge the status quo, we are experts in how to celebrate milestones, and most importantly – creativity is our motivation to move forward! 
Ieva Rukavičiūtė Service Delivery Manager
We are a department of around 200 insurance and finance specialists based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Our client is a leading player in the Nordic market for long-term savings and insurance. Besides the life & pension area, we also cover property & casual insurance, finance & administration, banking, and asset management areas. Such a variety of business lines creates a wide spectrum of different complex processes, so everyone can find the most suitable team to work in. In addition to that – a large number of different processes enables and encourages our employees to use their creativity and suggest ideas for improvements and take part in process automation.
By the way - we all speak Norwegian or Swedish!
Eugenijus Kaupas Service Delivery Manager
Our client is one of the biggest and well-known Swedish media groups operating withing different areas such as:
- Daily newspapers, 
- Magazines & Business Media, 
- Film production, 
- Books and publishing, 
- E-commerce and stores, 
- Digital media and services
Our goal is to provide high-quality HR Applications, Finance & accounting services, ensure timely salary cycles, and correct pay slips. The team is based across 3 locations: Sweden, Lithuania, and India, therefore collaboration is the key value in everyday work. 
We are continuously looking for Swedish-speaking specialists who could contribute to complicated processes and create extra value! If you would like new challenges in Your career, please join our team! It won’t be easy, but interesting for sure!
Aušra Zubkienė Team Manager
Our client is one of the largest insurance companies in the world represented in several countries. 
Our services provided are in Premium receivable management for the commercial and consumer portfolio, policyholders, brokers, and agents. Our main activities are cash allocation, query management, reconciliation, dunning/cancellation, disbursement & reporting. 
We support 10 different countries covering different languages – French, Italian, German, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Norwegian, and Dutch.
Pedro Barcelos Team Manager
Our team consists of 5 members based in Lithuania. Scandinavian banking and insurance company is our client to whom we provide business and finance application support. We communicate directly with colleagues from Norway and Sweden by phone calls, email, chats, and ticketing system.
To provide the best service all of us need a mix of tech, Swedish or Norwegian, and English languages and people management skills. 
We are working in a very intense and dynamic environment. And this is what makes us motivated each and every day!
Antonas Ivanovas Team Manager | IT Support Team
We are a team of 14 full-stack engineers (C#, Java, Azure) and QAs based in Vilnius. Scandinavian Life & Pension Insurance company is our client that we work for in a team extension mode, meaning that Cognizant developers and developers from our client's side work in one team. In the pre-pandemic era, the mixed team was traveling between Vilnius and Stockholm on regular basis. Even the short-term relocation to Stockholm was a choice for some. 
Altogether we follow Scaled Agile principles by heart. This clear process allows us to be efficient when creating value for our client - enabling its end-customers to use self-service web portals.
Support, feedback, and appreciation are the reasons for making the workday easy. Join us, we are growing!
Eglė Tamašauskienė Team Lead | Digital & Mobile Team
We develop data-driven solutions on both modern data stacks and traditional data stacks. Software development lifecycle (SDLC) is at the core of our daily work and strategy. Continuous learning is a foundation for the team.
The team supports one of the largest companies in the Nordic markets for pensions, life and health insurance, banking, and asset management.
My role as a Team Lead – ensure engineering freedom and team spirit of out-of-the-box thinking.
Mindaugas Lukošius Team Lead | Data Engineering Team
We are responsible for assisting the CFO department in increasing the level of automation in reporting. We model the financial future of the company for lengthy periods of time (e.g. 60 years), showing how both – assets and liabilities – are going to develop in time. We use in-house developed modeling tools built with modern platforms. 
We are well-balanced with financial /IT/ insurance knowledge. We are both – producers of the products and their users along with our customers, which enables us to understand the users’ needs better and deliver valuable results.
Valdas Eimontas Team Lead | CFO IT Team
We are 4 people in Vilnius who are working with  Nordic market for pensions, life and health insurance, banking, and asset management.     
Teams’ work is divided into projects. Team members are working individually but project problems or obstacles are discussed with the extended team in Vilnius and Oslo. Half of the team is working with Data and Analytics Platform Development and Maintenance (Databricks) and another half of the team is working with data science projects including machine learning, modeling, and predictions (fraud detection models, next best action for existing customers and etc.). In data we trust :)
Neringa Pacevič Team Lead | Analytics Team
Our team consists of 6 people working for a leading player in the Nordic markets for pensions, life and health insurance, banking, and asset management.     
The team development process is based on Agile Framework. Currently, we are responsible for the Data Platform Development and Maintenance requests and at the same time, we are entering a new and extremely exciting chapter of building a new data platform in Snowflake. 
Do you want to join this journey?
Enrika Milko Team Lead | Common Data Layer (CDL) Team
We implement RPA technology to automate repeated work tasks, thus saving human effort or even replacing it. By using our expertise and market-leading tools processes are automated without changing any of the already used software. Tools and technologies we use are UiPath, MS Power Platform, .NET, Java, Python, Celonis, AHK.
Most of our clients are international companies that operate in the banking, and insurance markets. We are 7 guys in the Vilnius team and about 3000 colleagues from around the world in other Cognizant offices.
Lukas Kraujelis Team Lead | Intelligent Process Automation Technology Team

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Justas Gudonis
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Cognizant embraces diversity. We believe that this has a positive impact. Our goal is to involve everyone and to appreciate and respect every individual and every background.

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EU funds Investments in Lithuania
Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania is currently implementing a project „Implementation of Robotic Process Automation Solutions at Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania, UAB“ aimed at automating eight processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. 

The main goal of this project is to enhance operational efficiency and reduce operating costs by automating company processes through the deployment of RPA solutions.

The integration of RPA solutions will reduce the time spent on repetitive and low-qualification technical operations. The time saved can then be reallocated to tasks of higher value, thereby generating additional benefits. Furthermore, as Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania implements the project and deploys RPA solutions, it will help to acquire more institutional knowledge, while the company's employees will develop competencies and skills. These advancements lay the foundation for scaling RPA solutions in the future, elevating the complexity and sophistication of developed solutions, and transitioning to more advanced stages of RPA solution maturity.

The project is financed according to the description, conditions and procedures set in the project administration and financing rules of the Economic Transformation and Competitiveness Development Program for 2022-2030 activity „Financial incentives for business service centers to develop and implement robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) “ of the means of progress „Encouraging companies to digitize their businesses“, coordinated by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania.

The total value of the project - EUR 231 954,90

Funded by The Economic Recovery and Resilience Facility “New Generation Lithuania”
– 115 977,45 Eur.

Own funds - EUR 115 977,45

Project duration - 2023-01 - 2025-03

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