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You’re probably not interested in 'standard'. Neither are we. Find out more about our opportunities for students and those just starting out in their careers.
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You can recognize a good workplace by good ideas and opportunities. You will find both of those at Cognizant. Pursue your ideas and opt for a challenging career.
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You are ready to take the lead and instigate change. You want to make a difference. Discover what we have to offer and what we can achieve together.
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Innovative work, meaningful careers. Find out more about how you can realize your career goals at Cognizant.

People in Cognizant are undoubtedly professionals in what they do and it is a pleasure to work with them. Not only that, it is exciting to get to know them as friends and spend time together outside work. To all potential Cognizant Latvia interns: do not be afraid to ask questions and challenge yourself. Try and learn from failures because in the end the perfect ones are the ones who do nothing. Elvis Silins Programmer
Cognizant is one of the world’s leaders providing professional services, where you can develop your skills and grow as professionals, working closely with market leaders across all possible industries and technologies. Diversity and international environment are those things, which keep me motivated and eager to learn and explore new horizons, as well as step out of my comfort zone. Cognizant opened a lot of doors and contacts for me, where I meet so many interesting people and feel very remarkable. Tatjana Riblova Business Development Manager
Cognizant gave me a great chance to get started in IT industry. The opportunity to continue self-learning, master new technologies and receive certificates is a right way to quickly develop and gain the necessary experience while also working with real projects. The company pays special attention to the development of its employees. I would also like to mention excellent colleagues who are always ready to help. Of course, there are also different events that Cognizant organizes for its employees. I am very glad that I am in the Cognizant family. Ņikita Kuļevs Programmer

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Diversity and inclusion

Cognizant embraces diversity. We believe that this has a positive impact. Our goal is to involve everyone and to appreciate and respect every individual and every background.

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