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Lola Lorite
Working at Cognizant has been an invaluable experience as it has provided an exceptional opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of clients, fostering diversity and extensive learning. As a member of an international team, I constantly benefit from the valuable insights and experiences shared by fellow designers. Our team's active involvement in driving clear methodologies and goals in user-centered design, ensures a structured yet dynamic work environment. Lola Lorite Visual Designer, Associate 
What I love most about working at Cognizant is the team that I work with. We are all passionate about our clients and there is great camaraderie amongst us! The culture of Cognizant enables a workforce that is both competent and empathetic. Cognizant encourages entrepreneurial thinking and gives me the opportunity to also focus on topics that fuel my personal ambitions. The opportunity to learn & grow and shape my future role within the company is what keeps me energized!
Maya Madhusudan Client Relationship Manager 
As a young professional, the Graduate Program has been a great opportunity to jumpstart my career and learn from experienced colleagues, not just within my own team, but also from other practices. Being part of the Gen-C team has given me the chance to connect with fellow graduates and feel like an integral part of the company. It's been a thrilling journey so far, with my team and manager providing me with invaluable support to help me grow and take on new project opportunities. Can't wait to see what the future holds! Wiktoria Pawlik Graduate Analyst
Ik werk graag bij Cognizant vanwege de transparantie, focus op ontwikkeling van leiderschap, wereldwijde beschikbaarheid van kansen en vooral een zeer multinationale werkomgeving. Kaushik Burman Practice Lead

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“ Diverse Minds, United Voices” : a focus on female talents at Cognizant Netherlands! 
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Ep 1 : Nishtha Sharma 

Technology Strategy consultant
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Ep 2 : Geetanjli Kumar

Delivery Manager Digital Transformation
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Ep 3 : Monique Wagenmaker-Oudijk

Consulting lead Norther Europe
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Ep 4 : Nicole van den Wildenberg

Principal Consultant ECM & ERM
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Ep 5 : Paula Martinez

Research & Insights Lead Continental Europe
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Diversity and inclusion

Cognizant embraces diversity. We believe that this has a positive impact. Our goal is to involve everyone and to appreciate and respect every individual and every background.

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