Idea Couture, a Cognizant Digital Business
This is an exciting time for design research. Are you the type of person who researches, builds and then show what you've done to your team, company and rest of the world? If you have this passion...If you can implement experiemental designs across a variety of product studies that range from conceptual to usability testing, then you really need to consider Cognizant's Idea Couture Design team.
Design Researcher - Toronto, Ontario, Canada  We’re looking for a Design Researcher who understands the nuances involved in conducting user research. At times, your presence in the field will have you translate findings and information into meaningful insights. You will build and implement experimental designs across a variety of product development studies ranging from early stage concept development and assessment through usability testing. We offer a creative, multi-disciplinary environment where you will be driving these activities.
Foresight Strategist - Toronto, Ontario, Canada As Foresight Strategist, you’ll be helping client organizations to understand, plan for, and act on emerging trends in technology, culture, economics, and politics. Today, strategic foresight plays a pivotal role in shaping longer-term strategy, sustainable growth efforts and the competitive preparedness of organizations. Our team works with senior leadership from organizations across the globe to execute on highly impactful applied foresight briefs. From culture and capacity building to building platforms for growth, we are in the boardroom and on the front lines effecting change. 
Agnes Lundqvist
“I always love the start of a new project. Clients often ask us if the Cognizant team has worked together before, and they are surprised if we haven’t. I really appreciate the opportunity to work across different industry and service groups to create a team that will be the most effective in addressing the client’s needs.” Melissa Cope

​​​​​​​Senior Consultant, Cognizant Consulting