Starting Your Career at Cognizant Starting your career journey at Cognizant has its short-term and long-term rewards. We strive to deliver innovative solutions for our client and also opportunities for our employees to learn, lead, and gain recognition they deserve and earned.

Cognizant has leveraged AI, analytics and consumer behavior data to create a platform and a roadmap for others to follow.

If you would like to consider the opportunities for Product, Forecast and Senior Strategist roles, please look at our availabel jobs. 
About the Work

Toronto, Canada
We bring each project to the right configuration, talent, knowledge, and the strategic foresight. Our process of establishing well-informed and future-oriented perspectives that help fuel, guide, and inspire innovation, strategic planning, and critical decision-making is what Strategiest do every day.

Our Strategist apply product innovation, service design, or organizational transformation that helps organizations better anticipate change by equipping them with the tools and resources needed to ask provocative questions, challenge dominant logics, test assumptions, rethink opportunities, and reset goals. To learn more about career opportunities, consider these role.
About Our Team We are a Global strategic Innovation and Design Experience firm.

We operate where design meets business, insight meets foresight, and empathy meets economics.

We help organizations navigate and innovate in complex and uncertain environments. We use design thinking methodologies to solve problems and exploit business opportunities—generating new growth, meaningful differentiation, and economic value.
The transformative solutions we provide our clients are born from transdisciplinary thinking, rigorous research, and inventive methods based in business rationale and good design.
Senior Strategist

The Global Strategy team at Idea Couture is a carefully assembled group of individuals from a wide range of educational backgrounds, international settings, and professional experiences. We proudly believe that diversity is our strategic identity. What we share is a knack for looking at familiar problems through a unique lens and a passion for driving market growth through innovation, technology, and design.

By joining our effort, you’ll be driven to think strategically, collaborate cross-functionally, produce high quality deliverables, grow client relationships and continuously build and elevate our practice. Along with strong agency background and keen analytical skills, you’ll have the ability to think creatively and strategically, pushing conventional boundaries when it comes to all aspects of the job.

Idea Couture is looking for an expert ethnographer to join our Insights team in Toronto or NY. You have a passion for designing and conducting fieldwork, the ability to identify and clearly communicate research insights to internal teams and clients, and the nimbleness required to juggle academic theory, research methods, design thinking and business sensibility. You give context to the research and answer the "so what?", providing meaning to the implications of the business problem at hand.

Toronto, Canada
Product Realization Specialist Idea Couture is seeking an experienced product realization specialist to define innovative and successful products, business and marketing strategies for Fortune 2000 clients. Strong client management, strategic thinking and executive communication skills are required. The ideal candidate will have a track record in bringing products from idea-to-market; creating and validating innovative product concepts; understanding how to develop successful new market entry strategies and rationalizing product portfolios.

The specialist is an essential member of the Idea Couture Product Realization team; you contribute to all aspects of the innovation process, from research and ideation to delivery with a focus on delivering new products throughout the product life cycle across multiple clients.