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Our Company Culture...

Growing with a company and offering you the right path is very important. And, having the right benefits, flexibility, and learning to help you along the way is what makes Cognizant unique. As the world changes, your job evolves, and life happens, we help you grow and change too. Having the right resources and support to build the best you!

Transform companies with automation and leading edge technology. We combine our expertise and entrepreneurial thinking to shape the future.

Cognizant Benefits

Health Insurance
Cognizant offers a variety of health insurance plans from several major providers. We have multiple options to chose from including dental, vision and other additional benefits.
Retirement and Savings Plans
Cognizant offers a variety of savings plans, such as a 401K. Also, our employees have many options to help grow their savings or even take part in discounted employee stock purchase programs. 
Work-life Balance
Everyone needs time away from work. Our employees can get flex-time, summer hours or remote work when possible. All of Cognizant get paid holiday or paid time off for vacations. 
Learning and Development
Our employees have access to our Learning Academy and also access to other platforms like Udemy to help them grow.
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