What is the best way to find and apply for positions at Cognizant?

To join our vibrant team of professionals, search by job category, location, industry and more. You can also learn more about opportunities for Students, Professionals and Executives.

Can I apply for more than one position at the same time?

Yes, you definitely can. At Cognizant, we believe each individual brings multiple strengths and talents that can make a difference to our customers. So, give yourself the flexibility to apply for multiple open positions that you feel you bring the qualifications to succeed at those positions.

Can I apply for a position across multiple geographical locations?

Yes, you can. Cognizant is a global Company, and we serve our clients through our global delivery model. So, if you meet the necessary local regulatory requirements, feel free to apply for positions across geographies.

What happens after I’ve submitted my resume?

  • The recruitment team reviews submitted resumes, and the shortlisted candidates are contacted for further evaluation.
  • For technical positions, candidates undergo technical interviews with technical experts. Candidates may be asked to take a written or an online test during the assessment.
  • An independent agency conducts a detailed educational and personal background check on candidates of interest before the offer is made.

What if I do not find an opportunity immediately?

You can upload your resume by signing up for the Cognizant Talent Community to be notified if there are relevant opportunities in the future.

How will I be evaluated for a career opportunity with Cognizant?

To ensure that we match the best candidate with each open position, we adhere to a stringent evaluation process while hiring. Our team of recruiters assesses your application to determine how closely your credentials match the requirements of the role we seek to fill, and if considered a good fit, a recruiter contacts you to take the application forward.

Does Cognizant conduct background checks?

Yes, we conduct a thorough background verification process for our new hires to primarily validate their educational qualifications, previous employment details and references. We also ensure that our new hires do not have a criminal history.

For some positions, we also verify credit history. You will be notified if credit history verification is required. Additionally, some candidates may be required to take a pre-screening drug check.

Does Cognizant provide employment sponsorships?

Depending on the role, Cognizant may or may not provide sponsorship and if available, those who qualify may be able to secure an H-1B Visa from Cognizant.

What formalities do I need to complete before I join Cognizant?

To complete the formalities, you will need to confirm acceptance of our offer so that we can start initiating your onboarding process. Depending on your geographical location, you are required to furnish appropriate documentation prior to your on-boarding process. If you are working with a recruiter, please contact the person who has been helping you with the hiring process for additional information.

Whom do I reach out to if I have any questions about the on-boarding process in Cognizant?

If you have questions on the on-boarding process, feel free to contact the person who has been helping you with the process.

What opportunities are offered for training and development after I am hired?

Training and development is strongly encouraged at Cognizant to help you grow and advance. We offer a wide spectrum of learning and development programs to help you augment and enhance your skills and capabilities, and adapt to varied business challenges. These include:
  • Specialized training programs to support the integration of all hires into our dynamic business environment.
  • Focused online and instructor-led courses to develop knowledge on domain, technical expertise and soft skills, supported by internal and external certifications.
  • Leadership development programs to build and nurture a pool of successful industry leaders.

How will I continue to grow as a professional in Cognizant?

We celebrate the success of our employees and are passionate about fostering personal and professional growth for them by way of offering:
  • Well-defined role enhancement programs
  • Career planning
  • Opportunities to pursue higher studies or industry certifications aligned to their career progression
  • Opportunities to pursue open positions within Cognizant

If I have worked with Cognizant earlier and I want to be a part of the organization again, how can I re-apply?

If there is an open position that matches your interests and skill-set, you can re-apply whenever you want. The process is the same regardless of your having worked at Cognizant. You can search for a job and apply, or join a talent community to upload your resume.

Where can I find LCA Notices?

You can find LCA Notices Here