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Cognizant is one of the world's leading professional services companies, transforming clients' business, operating and technology models for the digital era. Headquartered in the U.S. and established globally in 40 countries, Cognizant is ranked 193 in the Fortune 500 list and is consistently listed among the most admired companies in the world.

The Portuguese office was the 40th country to join in and initiated its operations in August 2018, having started with a small team and now entailing several hundred employees. The main office is based in LACS Conde de Óbidos, but also with other locations in LACS Anjos and other client sites, mainly focusing on Business Process Services and IT operations.

By joining Cognizant Portugal, you can count on several amenities in our main Lisbon office, such as a private cafeteria with free beverages and fresh fruit, wellness activities for employees and a pleasant rooftop which is shared with the other companies in LACS.
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I started working in cognizant in May 2021 and in this brief period I can say that it is truly the best company to work for. I feel my work is acknowledged and appreciated, the team which I work with is the most amazing, empathetic, and helpful team I could ever get. Laura Wuest AGENT
From the first day, I felt at home at Cognizant. There was thorough training to make me feel secure in my new role, and the environment is fun and motivating! I'm always happy to come to work and this is what matters most to me Anastasia Georgaki QUALITY TEAM MANAGER
I have been working in Cognizant for two and a half years, and I can see myself staying longer. The company is very respectful, the teams and managers I worked with in the past and that I work with right now have sense of humor, they are professional and they try their best to help me with my tasks. It is a great environment and I feel that I developed a lot in this company. I feel that my managers trust me and my work and I am really happy to be part of Cognizant and its Quality team! Claudia Costa QA
Proud to be part of Cognizant family! After 2 years in the company, I can say that I am feeling even more excited for joining Cognizant Portugal than I was feeling when I first started. Cheers to all the support teams and management for creating conditions for associates to thrive and for making us feel that we belong in a people centric organization! Annika Markakou SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT
I am glad Cognizant & I crossed our ways. I came via a friend, changed my career path completely and that was my best decision. At Cognizant I have learnt, grown and overcome many challenges. I feel there is always more to come and that takes me forward!  Sarah Bacelar TRAINER T&S
I have been working in Cognizant for almost 3 years. I was lucky to be able to work in different projects and positions and I had amazing opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally. I had the luck to work with very competitive people and supportive management. Cognizant combines the perfect environment with the opportunities to grow. Vanessa Del Prete TEAM LEADER
I started working in Cognizant over two years ago and it has been an amazing experience. I love the multicultural environment that we have and the fact that every day we have many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. This is the perfect place for those who want to build a great career. Joanna Briñez AGENT
This experience in Cognizant has been tremendous and demanding. Implementing a new project and moving it to 100%  WFM and constantly achieving  results has been the biggest challenge of my professional life so far, but it has been very rewarding at the same time. Cognizant made me grow, pushed me out of my comfort zone and above all allowed me to become a better professional. Working in such a caring and supportive company make us go above and beyond. Thank you Cognizant! Helder Paixão TEAM MANAGER

Our Recruiters - You can ask anything!

Wiktoria Timoszenko
Wiktoria Timoszenko Senior Executive Recruiter for CDO
Catarina Leão
Catarina Leão Executive Recruiter for CDO
Mafalda Guerreiro
Mafalda Guerreiro Executive Recruiter for Tech Recruitment
Monica Abracos
Mónica Abraços  Talent Sourcing Specialist & Recruitment Coordinator
Dobrawa Cosson
Dobrawa Cosson Talent Sourcing Specialist
Ana Bento
Ana Bento Talent Sourcing Specialist
Alexandra Martins
Alexandra Martins Talent Sourcing Specialist
Magdalena Iglesias
Magdalena Iglesias Talent Sourcing Specialist
Gaia Nuzzi
Gaia Nuzzi Talent Sourcing Specialist
Ana Branco
Ana Branco Senior Recruitment Administration Executive
Catarina Leal
Catarina Leal Recruitment Administration Assistant
Marta Fialho
Marta Fialho Recruitment Administration Assistant
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Diversity and inclusion

Cognizant embraces diversity. We believe that this has a positive impact. Our goal is to involve everyone and to appreciate and respect every individual and every background.

More information
Cognizant Portugal for a Career without Limits
Cognizant as a company is committed to be open and inclusive to all people, with the upmost transparency about career progression and equality of opportunities for all.
We have created safe spaces where you can be heard no matter who you are, such as the HR Kiosk and HR Connect initiatives constantly developing, informing and empowering the workforce, to make sure that your workplace is a discrimination-free environment.
We believe that in order to be an ethical company, we must promote the best practices, act responsibly and with transparency, while at the same time promoting diversity and pluralism through pragmatic and continuous solutions.

Our D&I initiatives are included in the following areas

- Completely Cognizant (Celebrating Inclusion/Advancing Diversity in the office)
- Unity (Differently abled)
- Embrace (LGBTI+)
- Women Empowered

Our main office in Santos is wheelchair-friendly, but feel free to direct any specific accessibility related questions to us.

Our benefits

Our workforce has grown because looking after our employees is a priority.

Shape your career
Pursue your ideas and opt for a challenging career full of opportunities and variety.
Learn and grow
Keep developing with education and training.
Stay up to date
Our skills training will help you to keep up with the changing work environment.
Give something back
Help us make a positive impact on society and the environment.
Stay healthy
Use care plans which also help you to support your loved ones.
Invest in yourself
Plan for your future with our compensation and fringe benefits such as vacation days.