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A common passion for learning and growth

"I couldn't wait to exercise my interest in numbers and problem solving here! The best thing about it is that I'm surrounded by other grads who are equally passionate about technology, and the way we get to learn technical and soft skills before transitioning to client projects.

The technology industry is changing all the time, so you need to be curious, adaptable and not afraid to ask questions. If you enjoy working towards a solution and you’re someone who perseveres when you're uncertain about something, the technology sector is definitely for you!"

Jenny Tek
Graduate Analyst, 2021
Playing a meaningful role in business transformation
"Cognizant’s graduate training program prepares us to add value to clients and helps us to become comfortable working on client projects. I’ve appreciated the numerous networking opportunities we’re given to expand our connections and build our personal brand. 

And the best part – the clients we get to work with. We get to work with real clients immediately and add real value to them, all while learning and making new friends along the way."
Sanjeev Raju
Graduate Analyst, 2021
Accelerating your tech career
"I decided to make a career switch to Software Engineering and have not looked back. Being new to the field, the initial six-week structured induction program at Cognizant was very enticing. It provided a condensed introduction to the field and encouraged self-directed professional growth.

The one-year length graduate program also meant an accelerated growth path in my new career journey. It’s been a great journey so far. I’ve had the opportunity to train and work with field experts to deliver solutions to prominent clients, and the team at Cognizant listens to your big ideas and solution techniques while patiently teaching you the processes."
Karin Zaki
Graduate Analyst, 2021
Impact on one another
"What really entices me is knowing that the company cares about their associate's growth and development, and also that it has a strong drive to be the best in the industry. These are the reasons I chose Cognizant.

Since joining Cognizant, I have been constantly supported by the company, from monthly meetups to check up on any concerns I have, or simply even just checking up on our mental health! All of these are signs of a company that truly cares for their associates’ wellbeing and aspirations."
Derrick Lai
Graduate Analyst, 2021

Our Graduate Experience

Insights from past graduates on what you can expect from our Graduate program, an inside look into our company culture and advice to help you succeed with a career in tech.

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