Our core values Transparency


We believe the path to success for our clients and ourselves comes through open, honest exchange of information. We encourage associates to listen to ideas and share feedback.
Our core values Passion


We take a collective can-do attitude. Everything we do at Cognizant we do with enthusiasm and commitment to go the extra mile — for our clients, our communities and our organization.
Our core values Empowerment


At the heart of our work, is figuring out how to get the job done and make things happen. We define ourselves by our ability to deliver results.
Our core values Cooperation


The more we share knowledge and work together, the more we achieve for our clients and ourselves.


We act with Integrity in every decision we make. We never compromise on integrity. We treat our colleagues and clients with respect and value their opinions.
Our core values Customer focus

Customer Focus

It’s our true north, our fixed point within fast-changing environments. No matter how big or small, we deliver every project with the highest quality. The customer is why we are here.
Our core values JTC

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