About LOI: LOI is the first step in taking your candidature ahead after selection and contains information about your role and basic renumeration details. Candidate must accept this in Superset within the timeline mentioned in the letter to move forward with the process.

1.    I haven’t received LOI while some of my friends have received it.

      The LOI will be sent in phases to your Superset registered email ID. Please wait for further communication. If you are an on-campus final select and
      you have not received the LOI, then please reach out to your placement officer.

2.    What are the steps to accept the Letter of Intent (LOI)?

      You will receive a mail to your registered email ID. Click the link provided in mailer to accept the LOI in Superset or follow these steps:
      i.    Log in to your Superset account on app.joinsuperset.com
      ii.    Go to Job Profiles tab
      iii.    Filter on Offered jobs or search the job profile you received an offer in
      iv.    Click on the job profile name to navigate to job profile details
      v.    Click on Accept offer

3.    My name in LOI is incorrect. 

      LOI will have the name as per your Superset profile. 

4.    What happens after LOI acceptance?

      Please await further communication from Cognizant.

5.    What happens if I decline the LOI? 

      You will not be considered further in our recruitment process.

6.    What happens if I don’t take any action on the LOI within the given timeline? 

      It will be equivalent to LOI decline and you will not be considered further in our recruitment process. Any extension to the timeline will be at
      Cognizant’s discretion.

7.    How to raise a query in C2C portal?

      If you still have a query/issue, then use ‘Raise a query’ option in this link to write to us. Please mention Superset ID as Candidate ID and choose
​​​​​​​      Category as Letter of Intent (LOI).

Please note: It takes a minimum of 48 hrs. to provide resolution if all the required information is updated in the query. If it lacks any of the above said information, then the query shall not be addressed.Cognizant’s internship program aims to rapidly upskill Cognizant’s campus hires to improve their skill expertise per industry standards and gain business readiness during their 8th semester before onboarding them as full-time employees into Cognizant.