​​​​​​​These are our entry routes for our graduate scheme programme. We are now open for applications until March 2023

Technology Programmes

​​​​​​​Digital Experience 
The online journey that led you to this page, to read this information, these are the intricate parts that come together to make a powerful user experience. That’s what we do in Cognizant Digital Experience, we craft world-class experiences for a vast range of businesses that in turn impacts the everyday lives of people. Like when we redefined the digital experience of a large food e-commerce, helping people buy the food they needed during the pandemic.  We work with industry leaders to unearth moments that matter most in customer journeys. We do this by digging deep, carrying out integral user-research which permeates through everything we do, such as orchestrating software, platforms, and programs that are rooted in the understanding of human needs. In our fast-changing landscape, we’re looking for bright thinkers who can move with us. 

Apply for this programme. We accept any degree subject for this programme

Digital Engineering 
Here, in Digital Engineering, we make it all happen. We build, develop, and engineer customised solutions. To do this, we take all the research, strategy, designs, and architecture from our fellow Cognizant teams, and we transform them into reality. And we do this for clients across different industries. Like when we engineered an automatic, online clinic for a leading pharmaceutical, enabling their customers to receive their prescription quickly and efficiently right to their home. Just one of the thousands of examples of how our intuitive engineering moves people from ordinary experiences to digital experiences. If you want to push your engineering mindset to build and deliver on real solutions, then explore our roles.
Apply for this programme. You’ll need a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering degree, and have programming experience in Java, Spring, Cloud and Database. 
Data is the powerful currency of all modern business. We help clients cover every aspect of data, from foundational essentials to artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s what we did for the Aston Martin Formula One racing team. We provided them with key data that influenced the design and performance of the car. Our work helped accelerate them ahead of the curve with a positive carbon footprint. Our teams work at the centre of transforming data into powerful information that drives key decisions and empowers business solutions. We help clients gain a deeper understanding of their businesses by collecting and validating data, exploring it, questioning it, and shaping it to its fullest potential. We consider the processes used to deliver, govern, and present results, and we ask important questions around the increasingly complex world of data privacy. If you want to grow in a place that’s centred in the latest data science, then explore our roles.

​​​​​​​Apply for this programme. You’ll need a Computer Science, Maths or Physics degree to be eligible for this programme.
Internet of Things (IoT) 
Our Digital Business & Technology (DB&T) teams help clients move with the digital world. We do this by digitising and transforming their business, processes, and IT. Within the team, our IoT practice are creating smarter products, operations and services. We provide solutions through integrated IoT and network connectivity. We may be experts in the digital space, but people remain at the centre of the decisions we make and the solutions we provide. Like when we rolled out 5G to enhance customer safety and experience on railways – our work influences the everyday lives of people, and the impact of IoT spans across all sectors and industries. If you’re inspired to innovate the world around us then explore our roles. 

Apply for this programme You’ll need to have a degree in one of these subjects to be eligible  - Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology.

ADM (Application Development & Maintenance) 
In our ADM team, we develop and maintain software applications, helping businesses adapt and navigate the digital world with agility and reliability. In a constantly changing landscape, businesses can face new IT challenges. To help them stay ahead, we provide support in a multitude of ways, from development, to production, to post-production of applications. Often this means working with existing applications, advancing them forward or transforming them into new technology.  For one leading retail company, our work helped transition their business from their parent company by smoothly separating their applications. And to help them stay ahead we moved their data centre to a cloud platform. 

If you’re interested in joining our dynamic team then apply for this programme. You’ll need to have a degree in one of these subjects to be eligible -  Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology 
QEA (Quality Engineering & Assurance)
In our QEA team, we make sure that the software our clients’ are developing will be of the best quality. We test our clients’ software before it launches to customers, making sure everything is working how it should be and ready to make its impact in the public domain. And our work goes beyond quality checks, we cover every angle by anticipating the many possibilities of how a customer may respond. In turn, we help create smoother user experiences. For one leading ticket sales business, our work eliminated long queues on their website, enabling customers to book tickets quickly and efficiently. Just one of the many ways our work influences the daily lives of people. 

If you’re interested in joining the team, then discover our roles. You’ll need to have a Computer Science Degree and have had Database experience 
EAS (Enterprise Application Services)
Enterprise applications are at the core of an organisation’s IT. Within our EAS team, we use software applications to help organisations enhance their digital customer experiences, attract and retain world-class workforces, engage partner ecosystems, and run operations and financial organisations more efficiently. We do this by understanding our clients’ needs, creating integration roadmaps, and evaluating products, using next-generation solutions, frameworks and industry best practises. It’s what we did for the largest university publisher in the world, helping them transition smoothly to cloud systems, by designing and implementing a state-of-the-art cloud platform to help them respond faster to issues and queries. Want to help transform businesses by building a simpler, modernised landscape? Then join a team where digital transformation meets business agility. 

Apply for this programme. You’ll need a Computer Science or Information Technology degree, and have programming experience in Java and .net

Consulting Roles 
In consulting we help businesses understand the challenges they face in achieving their goals and improving everyday life for customers. We create the full scope of digital transformation, from defining problems, understanding solutions, designing up strategies, to delivering influential outcomes. And you’ll see our impact across all industries. We’ve reimagined the digital guest experience for a world-leading airline, empowering customers across their travel journey. And for the FA, we changed the game of their Digital Engagement platform, helping to deepen their relationships with fans and modernise the sport for all. Our influence is felt far and wide, if you’re interested in joining a team that delivers insight at speed and solutions at scale then discover our roles.

Apply for this programme. You can have any degree, but having experience of consulting modules will stand you in good stead. 
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