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Our graduates stories

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An insight into the inspiring graduate experience at Cognizant

There’s no better way to learn and love the process of technological innovation than by immersing yourself in it. For our graduates at Cognizant, being at the heart of our game-changing work in systems design and development is a career-defining experience.

Our graduates aren’t observers. They’re given real clients and real projects, and a chance to add value to prominent businesses. Every day, we’re delivering tech-driven, transformative solutions to an exciting and diverse client base, and our graduates have an active role in all of this.

Graduates from our previous cohorts are sharing their experiences of our graduate program below, with insights into how they got here, the opportunities we provide, and the team they’re part of at Cognizant.

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Darrell Chew

Degree: Bachelor of Data Science
Position: Graduate Analyst 

Out of the many great things about the grad program, one of the best experiences is to have other grads in the program to transition into professional life together. Having other people join a company the same time as you make the transition much more enjoyable.

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I chose to apply for the Cognizant Graduate Program because it focuses on giving graduates a focused 6-week training to equip us for client work rather than a year-long rotational program. Out of the many great things about the grad program, one of the best experiences is to have other grads in the program to transition into professional life together. Having other people join a company the same time as you make the transition much more enjoyable and helps build a support network going forward.

The great thing about Cognizant is that they allow flexibility in working locations, whether at the office, client’s office, or home. However, when I am at the Cognizant office, it is always a highlight to meet with the other graduates. The learning resources at Cognizant are great as you get unlimited access to Udemy, encouraging you to become an intentional self-learner, a vital skill in the technology space.

My career goal is to ultimately enjoy what I do and be able to create a tangible impact in the workplace. In terms of long-term aspirations, I want to be able to continuously invest in my professional development to lead and mentor others through my experience. As such, my aim is to grow into a leadership role where I can foster an effective environment that encourages diverse backgrounds and open communication.

Especially as a graduate fresh out of university study, the opportunity for growth is a vital characteristic to look for in a company. The Cognizant graduate program helps to prepare graduates to add real value to client work early on in our careers and therefore is helpful in building our professional network.

Regardless of the company, the ability to self-learn and be intentional about your technical growth is a vital skill to have, especially in a rapidly changing tech industry. Whilst the Cognizant grad program may equip you with certain technical skills that are important, clients may require a different set of tools, so you must be able to quickly pivot and accommodate for the gap in knowledge.

Having an IT degree is useful however what can make a graduate stand out is their ability to learn and communicate effectively. Gain experience through university projects but focus on communicating why the results of your project are viable and may provide a certain value. The technology industry opens you up to a whole range of job possibilities, so once you have tried on a bunch of hats, you’ll be able to identify what you are most passionate about and pursue it. 

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Jenny Tek

Degree: Bachelor of Business & Information Technology 
Position: Graduate Analyst (Technology)

I’m always interested in companies that provide an inclusive working culture of diversity and equality, as well as a growth mindset. I have found that Cognizant embodies all those things.

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I had recently completed my double degree in Business and Science majoring in Finance and IT at UTS and was keen to put the theoretical knowledge I had gained into practice.

I’ve always had a passion for data analytics and IT, so when the opportunity to join the Cognizant Grad Program came up, I couldn't wait to exercise my interest in numbers and problem solving here! The best thing about it is that I'm surrounded by other grads who are equally passionate about technology, and the way we get to learn technical and soft skills before transitioning to client projects.

Cognizant has a highly collaborative culture. I attend daily connects to see how the business analysts and software developers work to develop a solution utilising Salesforce software.

I have also gained soft skills such as working across multiple time zones. I work with a few offshore teams, which means my meetings are in the afternoons. This allows me to spend my mornings working on domain learning and my technical skills. This is one of the reasons why Cognizant is an excellent place to start your career – they provide you with resources to learn new skills and acquire certifications, such as the Salesforce Administrator Certificate I'm currently studying for.

Being curious, adaptable and not afraid to ask questions are some of the important qualities you need to work at Cognizant, and the tech industry in general. The technology industry is changing all the time, and you need to be comfortable in feeling uncomfortable as you are going to face situations where you don’t know the answers. 

It is never too late to learn new skills either. If you enjoy working towards a solution and you’re someone who perseveres when you're uncertain about something, the technology sector is definitely for you! 

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Katie Koslow

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce & Business Analytics 
Position: Graduate Analyst (Consulting)

My day-to-day experience at Cognizant involves working on various projects alongside both junior and senior professionals. I have regular interactions through stand-up meetings and catch-ups, which has provided me with opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills. The learning resources at Cognizant are extensive, and I've had the chance to take responsibility for projects, collaborate with industry experts, and deepen my understanding in my field.

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I chose the Cognizant Graduate Program because of its reputation for offering a structured and comprehensive training program that equips graduates with the skills needed for the professional world. The best thing about being a grad here is the opportunity to interact with industry experts and receive continuous support from the Cognizant team, which has been invaluable in my learning journey.

Cognizant has influenced my goals and aspirations by providing resources and opportunities to explore new areas of the industry. These experiences have played a significant role in shaping my career path and helping me identify areas where I want to focus and grow in the future.

In a job and workplace, I value flexibility, as it allows me to adapt my schedules and lifestyle to better serve the needs of the company. Additionally, I look for a supportive and collaborative team environment where learning and growth are encouraged.

Adaptability and a desire to learn are crucial qualities for success at Cognizant and in the tech industry. With the industry constantly evolving, being able to adapt quickly and continuously learn new skills is essential for staying relevant and succeeding in this fast-paced environment.

My advice for university students exploring future opportunities in the technology and consulting space is to be curious and proactive. Don't hesitate to ask questions and seek out opportunities to gain hands-on experience. Start building a T-shaped skillset that combines broad knowledge across various domains with deep expertise in specific areas.

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Alexander Staines

Degree: Bachelor of Information Technology
Position: Graduate Analyst

Being my first corporate experience in software development and technology services, the perspective gained, and the training and project work I’ve received, have given me clarity in how I want to further my career.

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When looking into the IT and consulting space, Cognizant stood out as somewhere enthusiastic about supporting the growth of its graduates and trainees. Looking to begin my career, and gain context and development for my skills gained from university, it was an easy choice. 

My experience as a graduate has been very positive, both in the day-to-day at Cognizant and on client work. From the moment I joined to now, I have had valuable work and a plethora of learning resources to take advantage of. But one of the best aspects has been the cohort of other graduates and colleagues and the support they provide, helping to ease the transition into the organisation and continuing to act as a support network up to now.

When not on a project, my day-to-day interactions might largely be with fellow graduates or others completing trainings or internal projects while between assignments. I am also in contact with my manager and the delivery lead for my service line, where I can get advice and support for learning paths and potential projects. Cognizant provides a variety of learning resources including the Udemy platform, which I utilise for training or personal development when in between assignments. 

For my previous assignment, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with teams from our Digital Network and deliver on a testing project for our banking client. My day typically consists of attending daily stand-ups and working through assigned tasks, which might involve working through test cases and writing test reports, or coding automation for test scenarios. If I found any bugs, I would create a report, add a task, and contact the appropriate developer.

Being my first corporate experience in software development and technology services, the perspective gained, and the training and project work I’ve received, have given me clarity in how I want to further my career. I feel comfortable developing my knowledge base and that I have the flexibility to navigate different client projects and further grow in certain skillsets and domains. The support and positive experiences I have had with my current service line Quality Engineering and Assurance have ignited a passion for something I had initially known little about post-university.

For me, early in my career, I consider the growth and development of my skills particularly important. I want an environment in which I can both be continuously learning while having the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities. An environment and an environment that welcomes flexible working arrangements. But importantly, somewhere where I feel I can grow and take on opportunities, and where I feel my commitment and effort is valued and cherished. My time at Cognizant has certainly demonstrated these aspects.

What I was told in university and what I’ve now experienced thus far has shown me the importance of continuous learning in this industry. Consulting work, especially, will guarantee a variety of experiences and have you using different technologies and processes that you may have never used before. So being able to adapt and learn as you go is a hugely beneficial skill in consulting and technology services.  

In relation to that, knowing your limits and understanding that it’s okay to ask for support and guidance from colleagues when something is out of reach is an important quality. You will work more efficiently, and the collaboration you foster will greatly support your growth. 

It took me some time to find my place after university, I didn’t have a solid career direction, and my interview skills were lacking. But you should treat every interview or hiring process as a valuable experience and do your best to improve for the next. Follow up on correspondence and show interest where you can, as it’s the easiest way to show your enthusiasm for the role and how it will benefit you. 

Going into the consulting space merits being able to learn on-the-go with enthusiasm for your own continuous improvement and enjoying potentially short and varying projects with different clients, which is not typically characteristic of a role working in a non-consulting context. If you can show your interest in these aspects, you’re already almost there.